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Våra samarbetsprojekt

Vi deltar i bevarandeprojekt i det vilda för västlig schimpans, Sumatraorangutang och bomullshuvudtamarin. Här kan du läsa några röster från de projekt vi stödjer.

Västlig schimpans

“Steps for the Future with the Wild Chimpanzee Foundation and ex-poachers make it a goal to protect Liberias last wild chimpanzees. The Wild Chimpanzee Foundation is grateful for the support provided by Steps for the Future that is helping us work with the local communities around the future Grebo-Krahn National Park in Southwest Liberia. Ex-hunters are now patrolling the national park, which is home to over 250 chimpanzees, in partnership with the Forestry Development Authority of Liberia. In doing so they are protecting this important chimpanzee population from the bushmeat and pet trade, which is causing their numbers to decline all across West Africa.”

Hedwige Boesch
Managing director
Wild Chimpanzee Foundation

Wild Chimps

Årsrapport från Grebo-Krahn National Park i Liberia 



”In 2015 we secured 70 new hectares of forest for cotton-top tamarins, we connected more than 1.100 students with nature through our education programs, supported the training and education of three young community leaders, and kept close to 50 rural families involved in conservation and in generating an income from our community programs. Today, we want to say THANK YOU to our friends from Steps for the Future, for making all of this possible, and for helping us guarantee a long-term future for the cutest monkey in the world. Best wishes to all of you for from all of us at Proyecto Tití.”

Rosamira Guillen,
Executive Director
Fundación Proyecto Tití
Proyecto Tití



“Your donation makes it possible for us to continue fighting to save the Leuser Ecosystem in the province of Aceh and the Critically Endangered Sumatran Orangutan. Our vision is to prevent the extinction of the Sumatran Orangutan and its habitat. We thank Step for the Future for your support and trust in our work.”

Marcel Etterlin
Finance Director
Orangutan Conservation Programme